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Two families (Sex i familien - Nær relation)

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Historie id: 1038
Udgivet: 07-01-2007
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He looked up at Alice again with his eyebrows raised. She explained it was her clitoris, usually call her clit, and that it was just as sensitive as the head of his prick. He grinned again and massaged it for a bit. He knew how to make a prick feel good.

There was that odor that he'd noticed before. He sniffed. He brought his finger to his nose and sniffed again. That was the odor that made his prick hard when he got close to Alice. He felt his prick throb now. He touched the tip of his finger to his tongue. There wasn't very much taste but it sure did smell good. He'd heard of 'lapping cunt' and he hadn't believed it any more

than he believed that nice ladies sucked cock. He looked up at Alice and blushed again.

"Uh, - Alice?"


"You sucked my cock, can I lap your cunt? It is called cunt lapping, isn't it?"

"Come here and kiss me again you little devil then try your luck."

Alice pulled David up over her body, tousled his red hair again, and when he grinned at her, pulled him to her. She traded french kisses with him again and felt his hard prick pressing against her belly. This kid's prick revived in record time. She felt her cunt contracting with desire again.

"Okay, go ahead and try cunt lapping, you've got me all hot again. You may like it. Most men do."

David liked being compared to a man but that meant that he now had to prove that he could live up to that comparison. It was a little scary. There was a lot of very strange plumbing in front of his face.

Very tentatively, he ran his tongue along the lips of Alices cunt. She wiggled her hips and sighed. David liked the reaction. He pushed a little harder and his tongue went into her cunt. He flicked his tongue in and out.

Alice wiggled again.

He pulled his tongue all the way up the inside of the hairy outer lips. Alice's hips jerked as his tongue ran across her clit. Alice said that it was as sensitive as the head of his prick. It had felt good when she sucked his prick.

David sucked Alices clit into his mouth just the way Alice had sucked his prick. Alice wiggled again when David massaged her clit with his tongue..

Good she liked what he was doing. He rubbed the top of her clit with his tongue. This was fun. It was having as much fun making Alice feel good by lapping her cunt as he had when Alice made him feel good by sucking on his cock.

David pushed his tongue as far as he could into Alice's cunt then made the rounds again. He felt Alice's body tense and redoubled his efforts. Alice arched her hips up off the bed and shuddered. David felt her cunt contract around his tongue. Her head tossed from side to side and she moaned. She must be coming. David worked even harder. He wanted to make her feel as good as she had made him feel. He lapped cunt and sucked clit until Alice pulled him up and kissed him with her tongue in his mouth again.

David was laying on Alice and he could feel her tits against his chest. He could feel his hard prick pressing against her belly. Alice felt that hard prick.

She knew that she hadn't done a good job the first time she'd sucked his cock. They had both been too excited and David had been frightened half to death. She was surprised that he'd managed to maintain his erection.

"David, you did such a good job of cunt lapping that I want to do something more for you. Lie on your back and let me do everything."

David wondered what else she could do but he was an obedient boy and followed instructions. He lay down on his back and watched what Alice was doing.

Alice kneeled over him, kissed him and probed his mouth with her tongue.

He felt her nipples brush against his chest and that felt good too. She kissed and licked around to his ear and tickled the inside with her tongue. David jumped and got goose flesh. It felt real good in a funny sort of a way. He got more goose flesh when Alice nibbled at his neck and licked his chest.

Alice sucked and licked on his nipples. His nipples got hard and crinkly. He was a boy! His nipples weren't supposed to feel like that when they were sucked. Her tongue worked its way down to his navel, and David jumped again as he felt it probe. He never knew he had so many sensitive spots and how many things that had nothing to do with it made his prick feel good.

Alice's tits slid across his prick as she licked her way across his lower belly.

By the time she reached his prick he had his hips up off the bed, begging her to suck it into her mouth. Alice resisted the temptation, she knew what a trip around the world could do for one. She gave it a few licks in passing to gather the drops of pre cum that oozed out of the piss hole and continued tonguing her way down his legs.

David giggled and wiggled when Alice licked at the soles of his feet, and he wondered why it felt so good when she sucked on each of his toes. He didn't want this to end but he sure wished she would get to his cock. He could hardly wait. He was surprised again when Alice turned him on his stomach and licked up the back of his legs.

David responded with another jump when Alice licked at the backs of his knees and he wiggled more as she lapped her way up the inside of his thighs.

He was shocked and he tried to pull away when Alice licked his ass crack.

That just wasn't nice, it was nasty. He knew he was sensitive there. He liked to tickle his asshole when he jerked off sometimes, but how could anyone put their mouth there.

When Alice probed his pucker with her tongue he almost jumped off the bed again but this time he didn't try to pull away, what Alice was doing felt too good. He felt he had to do this for Alice sometime but he didn't think he could ever make himself rub his tongue on that part of her body.

David's prick was jerking up and down with his pulse when Alice turned him on his back again. She delicately licked the drops of pre cum that were oozing out of his pisshole off the tip of his prick and ran her tongue around the rim under the helmet. David shuddered and wiggled. Alice took a little of the loose skin just under the pisshole and gently nibbled on it. David's hips were up off the bed again begging for release. Alice was relentless, she sucked each of his balls into her mouth for a moment before slowly sucking the head of his prick into her mouth.

David's hips pushed his prick as far into Alice's mouth as it would go. She massaged the underside with her tongue, then sucking so hard her cheeks were hollow, she lifted so that only the head of his prick was retained. Again slowly down then up. David slapped his groin against her face as she drew his prick into her mouth and pulled his hips away as she raised her head.

David had come twice in the last half hour, but the feeling was too exquisite to last for long. Alice could feel his body jerk as; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his offering of cum was delivered to her expectant mouth.

She gently sucked until his prick was limp and so was he. She moved up and kissed him and he could taste his cum in her mouth. That didn't taste bad either. Maybe he could do that ass licking bit.

"Uh, Alice?"


"That was neat! Does it have a name, everything you did to me that time?"

"Several, it's sometimes called a tongue bath, but more often it's called a trip around the world."

"Gee, I have to try that on you sometimes. Do you think I can make you jump and wiggle the way I did when you were doing it to me? I'd like to make you jump and wiggle like that."

"David, I'm sure I will, but right now I think we both need a rest."

That was enough for the afternoon. Both of them had used a lot of energy and they napped at that point. David woke up first and was embarrassed all over again but that didnt stop him from easing himself down between Alices legs to get another look at that strange territory between a females legs.

Alice started to stir and David, gaining confidence, moved in and started to lap cunt. Alice shifted him around and sucked his ridged prick into her mouth and they brought each other to a grand climax before they got out of bed.

After supper Alice suggested that David sleep with her that night and David thought that was a magnificent idea. They selpt together every night until John returned home with Sally, although sleeping was the less interesting portion of what they did.

Alice was a good teacher and David was a very eager student. He learned a lot in that three weeks but he never could get himself to lick Alice's ass. He tried several times and it bothered him that he always chickened out. If Alice licked his ass, and she did it many times, he should lick her ass too.

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