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Two families (Sex i familien - Nær relation)

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Historie id: 1048
Udgivet: 16-01-2007
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Alex and Andrew eagerly led their mother and sister to their bedroom. When they got in the bedroom they stopped in their tracks. They weren't sure what they should do next. Sally had her own ideas, she cocked her head and grinned.

"Pretend you're getting ready to put on a show for June and Jane."

Alice raised her eyebrows. The boys blushed but they followed their little sister's advice and started stripping. Alice wanted to find out more but decided wait for later. She and Sally stripped with the boys. The boys couldn't keep their eyes off of Alice's D cup tits and dark brown bush. They'd seen Sally the last couple of nights but not up close. Their eyes kept jumping back and forth between their mother and their sister.

Alice was delighted with the sight of her sons' five inch cocks jerking up at a sixty degree angle to their bodies. They were excited and drops of cum kept forming on their pricks. Their innocence was part of the fun, she'd really shock them. Alice cocked her head and grinned.

"When was the last time you boys jerked off?"

The boys blushed and looked at each other in a confused fashion. In spite of their present intimate situation they were tongue tied when it came to discussing jerking off with their mother.

"Oh, come off it boys, I know you jerk off. I've rubbed my cunt with your cum wet sheet any number of times. Im sure you couldnt have had that many wet dreams. When did you last jerk off?"

"Uh. - Not since last night, mom. Why?"

"That's what I was afraid of. Sally your brothers are on a hair trigger. They'd probably shoot off as soon as their pricks touched our cunts. Do you think we can do anything about it? How about sucking that first load out of their pricks then we can go on from there."

Sally nodded her head. As shed said earlier, she'd wanted to suck their cocks for a long time. Alice had the boys sit on the edge of the bed and the girls knelt in front of them. Sally licked the pre cum from Alex's cock at the same time Alice licked Andrew's. The boys hips jerked and they almost came right then and there.

"Whoa, slow down boys. Relax and enjoy it. Just lay back and take some deep breaths."

"Do you think we ought to try David's trick?"

"Well, you might try, but I don't think it'll help much this time."

Sally wanted to give her older brother more pleasure than a quick come. She ran her tongue around the base of his prick where he was least sensitive. His hips raised up off the bed and she sucked on his balls into her mouth.

Andrew wiggled. She lowered her lips on the head of his prick. His hips jerked up and drove his prick into her mouth. his prick was bigger than David's but not nearly as big as John's.

Being very careful not to apply too much suction, Sally raised her head then lowered it. Andrew gasped and Sally repeated the process. Andrew lifted his hips from the bed as her mouth descended around his prick. He had his neck bent forward and watched as his prick disappeared into his sisters mouth. He felt his cum rising already and his sister had just started to suck.

Alice was being as careful with Alex. She wanted him to get the most pleasure out of his first blow job that she could give him. She licked away from the most sensitive portions of his prick. She sucked his balls for a while. This felt good but it didn't set the trigger off.

Alex had his hips arched off the bed, pointing his prick toward his mother's mouth. Alice carefully wrapped her lips around its head. Keeping her tongue from applying too much pressure she lowered her head till his prick was buried. At this point Alex dropped his hips and sighed. He never thought anything could feel this good. He raised his hips as his mother lowered her head and completely buried his prick again. Two more strokes and he could feel the cum rise in his balls.

Neither boy knew the proper social response in this situation they were afraid it wasn't polite to shoot your cum into someone's mouth. They didn't want to displease their mother and sister.

"Sally, quick, I'm going to shoot my cum in your mouth."

"I'm going to shoot my cum in your mouth, mom. Stop sucking!"

Alice and Sally, of course, kept right on sucking cock. They wouldn't miss this virgin load of cum from the boys for all the money in the world. Both of them applied full suction and bobbed their heads up and down as fast as they could hitting all sensitive spots. This was the time to give the maximum of pleasure.

"Oooo! Ahhh! I'm coming. I love you, mom! Ohhh!"

"Oh, wow! I'm shooting my cum in your mouth, Sally! I love you! Ahhh!"

Alice nursed on Alex's cock right through the spurts and dribbles. His hips fell back on the bed and his prick came down to its soft state. Sally felt the first jets of cum hit her throat swallowed Andrew's cum as it erupted from his prick. Then, just as her mother had done, she gently milked the rest out of his balls. Andrew collapsed as his prick collapsed. Both Alice and Sally lifted their heads, still applying suction, and let the limp pricks slide out of their mouths. Alice looked at Sally.

"Shall we get them hard again? Those pricks aren't much good to us in that condition."

Sally grinned at Alice and said, "Sure, I want one of them shoved in my cunt."

The boys looked at the women folk then at each other they didn't know what to expect. The girls switched boys for a little variety. Sally licked Alex's balls and he raised his hips a little. Andrew did the same when Alice licked then sucked on his almost hairless balls.

Both women took advantage of the exposed ass cracks and ran their tongues along them. Both boys' hips flew higher off the bed revealing their assholes.

The girls had been heading in that direction and knew what to do with them.

Their tongues probed the assholes and two pricks came to attention. Wow!

After a short rest Alex looked at his mother and blushed. He started to say something and stopped. He looked to Andrew for support and found him just as hesitant. His mother grinned at him.

"I know. You want to see female plumbing up close. Go ahead, be my guest.

I'll enjoy it and I'm sure that Sally would like nothing better than to have you look and play with her cunt."

"You bet. I love it when David plays doctor and he examines me down there and feels around. He usually winds up lapping my cunt but you don't have to do that if you don't want to."

Alex and Andrew looked at each other. They weren't sure about that cunt lapping bit but they did want to find out exactly how a girl was made down there. You could see how a boy is made looking through knotholes and viewing window shows, but a girl is different. Most of her important equip-ment is hidden inside. You have to get real close to see it. They moved on down the bed and got real close.

They looked and there still wasn't very much to see. Sally's slit was clearly visible and they could see the division of their mother's outer cunt lips, but the interesting stuff was still hidden. There was a rather interesting odor. Alice's pubic hair was damp and Sally had little beads of moisture along her cunt lips that must be something like the pre cum that formed on their pissholes. The mysteries remained a mystery.

Alice and Sally raised their knees and spread their legs to offer the boys the best possible target. The outer lips of their cunts spread a little and some pink was visible between them. Alice reached down and spread the outer lips of her cunt. Sally saw what she was doing and followed her example. The boys eyes were popping out of their heads. Alice laughed and Sally giggled.

The boys were being so cautious.

"Andrew, Alex, Why don't you feel around a little. I know it looks a strange but cunts dont have teeth and they won't bite. Remember, you originally came out of there."

Alex carefully placed a finger on the inner lips of his mother's cunt. It slipped inside. He pulled back as if he had burnt it then pushed two fingers in. He wiggled his fingers and, when Alice wiggled her ass in response, he looked up at his mother and grinned.

Andrew ran a finger along the much tighter lips of his sister's cunt. He pressed a little and his finger slipped inside. He too wiggled his fingers and Sally wiggled her ass. Their mother was right nothing was going to bite. He rubbed that little bump over the top of the inner lips. He grinned when Sally wiggled some more. This was fun.

Alex also discovered the bump. He rubbed it and when his mother gave a favorable response looked up at her. Alice told them it was her clit or clitoris, and that it was about as sensitive as the head of their pricks. The boys each knew how good it felt to have the head of their prick rubbed that was the way they jerked off. Each of them rubbed a clit.

There was that pervading odor. The boys had smelled it around the girls before. Usually when they had been wrestling for a while. Alex sniffed at his finger and Andrew did the same. Alice smiled and waited. It was as if her sons were following a video instruction film of David's actions.

Both boys carefully touched the tips of their tongues to their fingers. They put the fingers in their mouths and sucked. Alex lowered his head and touched Alice's inner cunt lips with the tip of his tongue. Andrew ran his tongue along Sally's inner cunt lips. Alex licked his mother's clit. Both boys looked up at their partners and grinned. Alex's expression changed to confusion.

"I like the taste."

Andrew looked startled too.

"Yeh, lapping cunt is neat."

This determined, both boys grinned again and dove right in. Alex firmly placed his lips around his mothers clit and sucked. He was pleased when his mother's hips lifted off the bed and she moaned. He was making her feel just as good as she had made him feel when she sucked his cock. He sucked a little harder and rubbed his tongue over the top of her clit.

Andrew forced his tongue as far inside his sister's cunt as he could. He wiggled his tongue and felt Sally's responsive wiggles. He liked the way he could make his sister feel good. He liked the idea of having some control over her body. He moved to licking the clit. There was an immediate body response.

The boys lack of experience and technique was more than made up for by their enthusiasm. Knowing that this was the first time the boys had ever done this was very exciting to the women. Their hips lifted off the bed and were they rubbed their cunts over the twins' faces. They felt the first twitches of their orgasms and they abandoned themselves to the good feelings the twins were giving them.

Alice's cunt contracted around Alex's tongue. He didn't know what meant but it must feel good to her. He hardened his tongue and pushed it in and out harder than he had before. Andrew sucked clit. Sally's hips came off the bed and her cunt lips slapped at his chin. He sucked harder and pushed his tongue more firmly against the head of her clit. Both girls tossed their heads from side to side and moaned.

Neither boy gave up till his partner's hips sagged down on to the bed then they sat back and grinned waiting for the girls to catch their breaths. Like any male of any age they were proud of themselves for having brought the girls to such heights of pleasure. It pleased Alice that her sons felt so good about themselves. Sally had seen the same reaction in David many times and she enjoyed the pleasure he got from her telling him how good a job he had done.

"Oooo! Andrew, that was so good. You really made me come off so many times I lost count."

"Alex, You have an educated tongue. I love the way you lap cunt. Come here and kiss me."

It was time for another session of hugs and kisses. Lapping cunt is no way to soften a hard thirteen year old prick. There were two very hard thirteen year old pricks pressing against the sides of the two women.

"Sally, do you think your brothers are ready for their first fuck?"

"It feels like their ready, mom. Let's ask them. Alex, Andrew, do you want to fuck us?"

Caught up in the action of the last half hour the boys had lost sight of their original objectives. They'd been living with the moment to moment sensations, and there'd been an lot of those sensations. Did they want to fuck they're mother and sister? Boy did they want to fuck them. Here again, inexperience told. They didn't know how to get started.

"Gee, sure we want to."

"Yeh, what are we supposed to do?"

Alice again fell back on her first experience with David. It had worked rather spectacularly that time.

"I wouldn't worry to much about what you're supposed to do. It comes to you quite naturally. Just let your instincts take over and do what you want too.

I'm willing to bet you do the right thing."

"Yeh, I've never had a boy for the first time before, but David hasn't had that much experience and he sure knows what to do."

"Alex, why don't you fuck your sister and let Andrew fuck me. I want to get a load of cum from each of you boys this afternoon and I sucked one load out of your cock. Just get on your knees between our legs and we'll help you get started."

The boys scurried into position. Sally rubbed Alex's prick up and down along the lips of her cunt and across her clit, then positioned it for entrance. Alice performed the same services for Andrew.

Despite their mother's assurances both of the boys were apprehensive. Each glanced at the other for moral support as they lowered their hips. A slick cunt wrapping itself around each of their pricks for the first time in their lives brought their attention back to what was happening to them. Each of them watched his prick disappear into a cunt. Wow!

Sally wiggled her hips and got the response she wanted from Alex. He wiggled his hips. She waited for him to start the action. He looked between their bodies and saw where his body joined that of his sister. He lifted his hips until only the head of his prick was buried in his sisters cunt. He never felt anything like this before. He lowered his hips and watched his prick disappear. Sally held still for her brothers first thrust. On his next thrust her hips came up to meet him.

He couldn't believe that this was happening to him. His hips flexed a little faster. Sally's hips met his each time he pushed in. David had said to try to keep a slow movement. His hips quivered but he refused to speed up. He pumped with a very deliberate tempo. In spite of his restraint he was going to come. He didn't want to come yet! In desperation he started with the multiplication tables.

Alice led her other son through the same series of actions. Andrew watched in awe as he saw his prick slide in and out of his mother's cunt. His cheek brushed against her D cup tit. Instinct took over. His mouth found the nipple without his having to think about it. He nursed on the tit that he had been weaned from twelve years before.

"Oooo, yes. Nurse on it like you did when you were a baby. Your still my baby. Suck on my tit. I love it."

Andrew didn't realize it but sucking tit distracted him from the sensations down below. It was the only thing that kept him from coming right away. He felt his mother's hands firmly holding on to his ass cheeks and slowing down his feverishly pumping hips. He finally remembered David's admonishment about keeping the action slow. His mother's crotch hair scratch his pelvis each time she raised her hips to meet his thrust. The nipple he was sucking on was hard. He switched to the other nipple and got it hard too.

"I'm going to come, Sally. Come with me. Don't make me come too soon."

"Oh, mom, I'm coming too. Come with me. Please come with me."

The boy's didn't have to worry. Something about knowing that this is a virgin prick gets to a girl too. Alice and Sally had already started their orgasms. It was the convulsions of their cunts that had been the final straw for the boys.

"Shoot your cum into me, Andrew. Shoot it into me. I'm coming already.

Ahhh! Ohhh!"

"Oooo! Alex, I've been coming for the last dozen stokes. Come with me.

Shoot your cum into my cunt, brother. It's waiting. Ahhh!"

Andrew's cum squirted and dribbled into Alice's cunt. She used her cunt muscles to drain the residue and kept massaging until his prick was limp.

Sally's smaller cunt was flooded with Alex's young boy cum. She didn't have her mother's trained cunt muscles, but she could sure wiggle her ass. Alex missed nothing in the sensations he felt.

The boys uncunted. Sally and Alice moved around to lick their cocks clean.

Alex and Andrew had seen this done between Sally and David. Without thinking they formed a daisy chain and went after the cunt nearest their face.

The girls were cleaning the pricks that had serviced them. The boys cleaned the cunts that their brother had flooded with his cum. Neither of them even thought about it till much later.

As a matter of course Alice and Sally licked up along the twins ass cracks and tongue fucked their assholes. The boys hips jerked and both of them stopped their actions for a moment. They'd seen David and Sally do this too.

Neither of them were going to let the distaff side of the family do something to them that they wouldn't do in return.

Without knowing what the other was doing, each boy slowly worked his way up the ass crack in front of his face, and very tentatively touched his tongue to the pucker. To their surprise neither of them found anything very disturbing about what he was doing. It was only the idea of doing it that was disturbing.

Each pushed his tongue as far as he could into a female ass.

Alice broke the party up.

"Okay, okay, enough. Your pricks are hard again and if we keep this up much longer you boys will shoot off again. I imagine the other side of the family is waiting for us by now. I'm sure you boys don't want to be all used up before we get a chance to plan for the rest of the day."

The boys were reluctant to stop. They saw, however, the logic in their mother's restriction. They did want to get together with June and Jane.

They'd been fantasizing about that for a good many months. They started to get dressed. Alice laughed at them.

"Wait a minute. Before you go to the trouble of dressing, let's see what the uniform of the day will be."

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